Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Baby Of Hridhya

Patient Name: Baby Of Hridhya

Age/Sex: 7 Months, Female

Address: Punnakuzhi (H)

                 Perinjanam P.O, Thrishur, Kerala

Department: Neurosurgery

Surgery/Procedure: Shunt – B (Neurosurgery)

Date of Admission/Discharge: 31/05/17-09/06/17    

My name is Hridhya. I gave birth to a premature baby girl. My baby was in ICU for a long period and we were on regular follow up at AMMA’s hospital. Last month her doctor advised a surgery. As we didn’t have any way to arrange the amount needed for her treatment, we contacted Patient Services department. Due to AMMA’s mercy my child’s treatment was done free of cost from here. I express my heartfelt gratitude to AMMA for the help received.

With Regards,


Saturday, February 10, 2018

V Somasundran

Patient Name: V Somasundran
Age/Sex: 64 Years, Male
Address:  Nharakkottil (H)
                 Kizhakkencherry P.O, 
                Palakkad, Kerala

Department: Cardio Vascular and Thoracic Surgery
Surgery/Procedure: CABG (Coronary Artery Bypass Graft)
Date of Admission/Discharge: 21/03/17 - 30/03/17     

My father Somasundaran was taken to a nearby hospital as he had chest pain. The doctor said he needed costly treatment. But as we couldn’t afford the treatment, he used to take medicines instead. Then we heard about AMMA’s charity. We came to AMMA’s hospital. AMMA understood our difficulties and sanctioned Rs 210000 for my father’s surgery. AMMA helped us in the right time and cured my father’s disease.  We will remain grateful and obliged to the merciful AMMA till our last breath for providing free treatment for my father.
With Regards,
Sharika S

Unnikrishnan P P

Patient Name: Unnikrishnan P P
Age/Sex: 42 Years, Male
Address: Pottekkalampadi
               Malappuram, Kerala

Department: Gastroenterology
Surgery/Procedure: ICU Stabiliazation
Date of Admission/Discharge: 01/12/16 - 13/12/16     

I am Unnikrishnan from Malappuram district. I don’t have any close relatives. My friends took me to AMMA’s hospital when I became sick. I am a very poor person. As I couldn’t afford the treatment expenses, my AMMA granted financial help for me. I will always be indebted to AMMA for the mercy showered on us.
With Regards,


Patient Name: Showkathali
Age/Sex: 44 Years, Male
Address: Pokkakkillath (H)
                 Thrishur, Kerala

Department: Gastro-Intestinal Surgery
Surgery/Procedure: Hepatico Jejunostomy (Gastro-Intestinal Surgery)
Date of Admission/Discharge: 15/03/17 - 26/03/17     

To the compassionate AMMA, my family consists of my husband, three children and myself. My husband is the only earning member of our family. Then my husband became sick. His doctor said that a huge amount will be needed for his treatment. But we poor couldn’t arrange the necessary amount. AMMA showered mercy on us and we were granted free treatment of Rs 115000. I and my family will always be grateful to AMMA for this help.
With Regards,